Benefits to Install Photovoltaic Power Generation System

We receive positive feedback from our customers about our best proposal with our wide experience and rich knowledge about Photovoltaic Power Generation System.

Meet Various Needs

We propose various plans, such as for private houses, schools, hospitals, office buildings, condominiums, and more.

We propose Photovoltaic Power Generation System not only for residential uses but also for industrial uses. You can utilize the roof of your factory, your idle land space and much more.

After-sales Maintenance

Photovoltaic Power Generation System is durable. However, periodical maintenance is indispensable for stable and long-term use.
We provide free after-sales maintenance in the first year after your purchase.
We provide optional after-sales maintenace every other year from the second year after your purchase.
We recommend that our customers to maintain the Photovoltaic Power Generation System periodically.

Wide Variety of Selection

We can provide a variety of products, from Japanese manufacture to overseas manufacture.

Prompt Action

We will take prompt action on your request with our wide experiences in matters of great urgency.

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